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J. Radiat. Prot. Res > Volume 40(3); 2015 > Article
Journal of Radiation Protection and Research 2015;40(3):124-0.
doi: https://doi.org/10.14407/jrp.2015.40.3.124
ICRP 103 권고기반의 밀착형·비밀착형 가공제품 사용으로 인한 몬테칼로 전산모사 피폭선량 평가체계 개발
Development of the Monte Carlo Simulation Radiation Dose Assessment Procedure for NORM added Consumer Adhere
Go, Ho-Jung;Noh, Siwan;Lee, Jae-Ho;Yeom, Yeon-Soo;Lee, Jai-Ki;
Radiation exposure to humans can be caused by the gamma rays emitted from natural radioactive elements(such as uranium, thorium and potassium and any of their decay products) of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials(NORM) or Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials(TENORM) added consumer products. In this study, assume that activity of radioactive elements is $^{238}U$, $^{235}U$, $^{232}Th$ $1Bq{cdot}g^{-1}$, $^{40}K$ $10Bq{cdot}g^{-1}$ and the gamma rays emitted from these natural radioactive elements radioactive equilibrium state. In this study, reflected End-User circumstances and evaluated annual exposure dose for products based on ICRP reference voxel phantoms and ICRP Recommendation 103 using the Monte Carlo Method. The consumer products classified according to the adhere to the skin(bracelet, necklace, belt-wrist, belt-ankle, belt-knee, moxa stone) or not(gypsum board, anion wallpaper, anion paint), and Geometric Modeling was reflected in Republic of Korea "Residential Living Trend-distributions and Design Guidelines For Common Types of Household.", was designed the Room model($3m{times}4m{times}2.8m$, a closed room, conservatively) and the ICRP reference phantom's 3D segmentation and modeling. The end-user's usage time assume that "Development and Application of Korean Exposure Factors." or conservatively 24 hours; in case of unknown. In this study, the results of the effective dose were 0.00003 ~ 0.47636 mSv per year and were confirmed the meaning of necessary for geometric modeling to ICRP reference phantoms through the equivalent dose rate of belt products.
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