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J Radiat Prot > Volume 7(1);1982 > Article
Journal of Radiation Protection 1982;7(1):23.
테프론 열형광선량계(熱螢光線量計)의 특성(特性)
Some Characteristics of Teflon-Thermoluminescent Dosimeters
Lee, Soo-Yong;
The characteristic thermoluminescence responses of Teflon thermoluminescent dosimeters to radiations have been studied by the variation of radiation qualities as well as the high dose radiations. The change in the sensitivity of TLDs for different radiation qualities were studied through not only the photon energy dependence but also the change of supralinearity on the photon energy dependence, by exposing $^{60}Co$ gamma rays, the effective X-rays of 44keV, 69keV, 108keV, and thermal neutron of 0.04 eV. The results were as the following: The TL response of $T-CaSO_4$: Dy as a function of absorbed dose was linear up to about 5 Gy, and the response beyond 5Gy was supralinear for $^{60}Co$ gamma rays. The supralinearity of T-LiF-7 became noticeably apparent more than that of $T-CaSO_4$:Dy and also the lower the LET of radiation became the higher the supralinear effects were. No supralinearity appeared for the thermal neutron irradiations equivalent to 10Gy of $^{60}Co$ gamma rays. The relative sensitivities (Rs), which depended on the doses of $^{60}Co$ gamma rays to the TLDs of T-LiF-7 and T-$CaSO_4$:Dy could be, respectively, approximated to the following empirical formula fitted by the least square method: $$R_{LiF}=1.021-0.04581;logD+0.402(logD)^2-0.405(logD)^3,;;5{times}10^3{geq}D{geq}1(Gy)$$ $$R_{CaSO_4}=0.976-0.3241;logD+0.262(logD)^2-0.298(logD)^3,;5{times}10^3{geq}D{geq}1(Gy)$$.
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