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347 A study of the radioprotection effect of guarana (Paullinia cupana) on the fetuses of ICR mice THE RADIATION PROTECTION EFFECTS OF GUARANA
Gu, Yeun-Hwa;Hasegawa, Takeo;Suzuki, Ikukatsu;Yamamoto, Youichi;Yoon, Yeog-Byung;Rhee, Soo-Yong;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):347
357 Derivation of Intervention levels for Protection of the Public in a Radiological Emergency in Korea
Lee, Jong-Tai;Lee, Goan-Yup;Khang, Byung-Oui;Oh, Ki-Hoon;Kim, Chang-Kyu;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):357
367 Effect of Sucralfate on Radiation-induced Esophageal Changes in Rat
Kang, Ki-Mun;Chai, Gyu-Young;Yoon, Sei-Chul;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):367
375 Radioassay of Multiple Beta-Labeled Mixtures using Least-Square Method
Seon, Kwang-Il;Nam, Uk-Won;Kong, Kyoung-Nam;Kim, Chang-Kyu;Lee, Dong-Myung;Lee, Sang-Kook;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):375
385 Comparative Study on Human Risk by Ionizing Radiation and Pesticide as Biological Information about Environmental Disaster
Kim, Jin-Kyu;Hyun, Soung-Hee;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):385
393 Development of Effective ${gamma}$-ray and ${beta}$-ray Detection Methods For Low-Level Radioactive Wastes
Kwak, Sung-Woo;Yeom, Yu-Sun;Kim, Ho-Kyung;Cho, Gyu-Seong;Park, Joo-Wan;Kim, Chang-Lak;Song, Myung-Jae;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):393
399 Diurnal Variations of Equilibrium Factor and Unattached fraction of Radon Progeny in Some Houses and Laboratories
Lee, Seung-Chan;Kim, Chang-Kyu;Lee, Dong-Myung;Kang, Hee-Dong;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):399
409 Effects of low dose gamma irradiation on the germination and physiological activity of old red pepper ( Capsicum annuum L.) seed
Kim, Jae-Sung;Back, Myung-Hwa;Lee, Hae-Youn;Lee, Young-Keun;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):409
417 A Feasibility Study of the IMRT Optimization with Pseudo-Biologic Objective Function
Yi, Byong-Yong;Cho, Sam-Ju;Ahn, Seung-Do;Kim, Jong-Hoon;Choi, Eun-Kyung;Chang, Hye-Sook;Kwon, Soo-Il;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):417
425 Disinfection Effect of Film Cassettes by Ultraviolet Irradiation
Kweon, Dae-Cheol;Park, Peom;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):425
433 Comparison of Derived Intervention Levels Against Contamination of Foodstuffs Using the Different Procedures Suggested by the Recognized Organizations
Hwang, Won-Tae;Kim, Eun-Han;Han, Moon-Hee;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):433
441 Distribution of Radioactivities of $^{226,228}Ra,;^{137}Cs$ and $^{40}K$ in Soil in Busan Area
Seo, Bum-Kyoung;Sung, Jung-Wook;Kim, Hyun-Duck;Lee, Dae-Won;
J Radiat Prot. 2001;26(4):441
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